In the heart of nature's tranquility, under the warm embrace of the setting sun, Thelma and Mark embarked on a magical journey of love and togetherness. Their engagement shoot at Fleet Pond, a place of great significance, was a testament to the beauty of shared moments and the allure of golden hour light.

For Thelma and Mark, Fleet Pond holds a special place in their hearts. It's not just any picturesque location; it's where Mark popped the question, and their journey toward marital bliss officially began. With the pristine waters and lush greenery surrounding them, it was only fitting that they returned to Fleet Pond for their engagement shoot.

Chasing the Golden Hour:

Timing is everything in photography, and for this engagement shoot, we aimed to capture the enchanting golden hour. The session commenced at 6:30 pm, just as the sun started its descent towards the horizon. As we strolled through the picturesque landscapes, the entire scenery bathed in the warm, golden light of the early evening.

Navigating the Crowds:

Fleet Pond is a beloved local gem, drawing visitors from all around. While this made it a popular spot for Thelma and Mark's engagement shoot, it also presented some challenges. We had to work around other visitors to the pond, ensuring that every shot remained intimate and filled with the couple's genuine connection. With a little patience, we managed to secure a private moment on one of the jetties, creating a serene backdrop for some of the most memorable shots.

Preserving Natural Beauty:

In post-processing, my approach was to preserve the natural essence of Thelma and Mark's love and the stunning lighting of the sunset. I believe that love shines most beautifully when it's captured authentically, and I wanted every photograph to reflect the genuine emotions and warmth of the moment.


Thelma and Mark's engagement shoot at Fleet Pond was a breathtaking experience, encapsulating the magic of love, nature, and the golden hour. It was a privilege to be part of their journey and witness the bond that they share. As the sun dipped below the horizon, leaving the world awash in warm hues, we captured the essence of their love story, a story that continues to unfold on the path to their wedding day.

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